8 AM - 6 PM

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to educating young children through diverse and innovative programming and inclusiveness. With our home school,  families’ expectations are met through our commitment to providing the finest curriculum and staff, all in a nurturing environment.

Our School

We have a dedicated 1500-square-foot basement. This space accommodates children with daily unlimited opportunities and activities to see, touch and do through hands-on learning stations. Our learning stations focus on sensory exploration, arts and crafts, reading, manipulative play, and dramatic play. Our Market Station is a favorite among our Toddler children, and the Play Room is a special place for our little ones to burn energy during the colder months.

The classroom currently enrolls up to 5 children (ages 3-5), and one full-time teacher, Miss Colleen. Our in-home Pre-School in located Sicklerville NJ, is at the intersection of Jarvis Road and Circle Drive, across the street from Union Elementary School.

How We Started


Learning Center

Hello, my name is Cheryl Morrison. I am a full-time working-from-home mother with twin 4-year-old boys. At the start of the pandemic in 2020, my husband and I decided to change the way our children were educated. With uncertainty in the world but still an immense need for structure and education, we decided it was in the best interest of our family to hire a full-time teacher with experience to educate our children from our home.

Initially intended for soley for our two children, instantly expanded to include two other children from a family member and a friend; as the parents recognized the benefits of continuing their child’s education in a welcoming environment. As we noticed the educational and behavioral improvement in our children under the tutelage of Ms. Collen, it was also a delight to see how well prepared our two other students were as they progressed to the next level in their education.